Melih KÖM
Melih KÖM Prije 2 sati
Charm Love
Charm Love Prije 2 sati
I get that people resort to religion in this dark time but the song is just so dated.
Melih KÖM
Melih KÖM Prije 2 sati
şerefsizler bize verin o kupayı
Se Ru
Se Ru Prije 2 sati
I looove! 12 points
Leah Murtagh
Leah Murtagh Prije 2 sati
Truly love this song! I really hope that all the other countries feel the same about it :) Well Done Lesley
petra krnc
petra krnc Prije 2 sati
I must say I love this song more than "Voda" so I wish her good luck! Go us!🇸🇮
Malikah Ts
Malikah Ts Prije 2 sati
She is a trans ?
Ladgerda Prije 2 sati
Wasn't a big fan of her entry last year, however, I believe this is a huge glow-up!
Achilles 337
Achilles 337 Prije 2 sati
Amazing song, amazing voice 👏
Μήτσος ΠΑΟΚ G4
Μήτσος ΠΑΟΚ G4 Prije 2 sati
Τελικά οι Ευρωπαίοι δεν εκτιμάνε ούτε την τέχνη...
jaduendiu kadaa
jaduendiu kadaa Prije 2 sati
ist this a totalt rip off justin timerlake-lovestoned???????????
VESSLEY Prije 2 sati
M43xFurkan Prije 2 sati
Mihil 002
Mihil 002 Prije 2 sati
I might be crazy but the chorus reminds me of Into the Unknown (frozen) 🤣🤣 but still a good song, i like it more than last year.
Lilana Jardim
Lilana Jardim Prije 2 sati
O que tornou esta música tão bela, é mesmo o intérprete. Adoro aquela voz! ❤️
structura surreal
structura surreal Prije 2 sati
padam padam padam....
sean murphy
sean murphy Prije 2 sati
I keep streaming this song I love it
Elşən Qasımlı
Elşən Qasımlı Prije 2 sati
Wow it’s masterpiece 😍😍😍 Well done Slovenia 👏🏻👏🏻
john o'brien
john o'brien Prije 2 sati
The entry of Israel in 1995 was also called Amen. It came 8th.
Florian Huber
Florian Huber Prije 2 sati
Greetings from Austria 👁 👄 👁
Jesus Maria Andres Sanchez
Jesus Maria Andres Sanchez Prije 2 sati
Que bonito espectáculo !! España hizo vibrar a Europa !!!! .... que robó a nano armaba un año más . No se entiende nada .Merecimos el triunfo y ahí se ve como estaba la gente con esta buenísima actuación !!!! Gracias Barei !!👍👍👍
Federico Magasinik
Federico Magasinik Prije 2 sati
My current Nº1 of 2021!!
КАРИНЭ Prije 2 sati
Marry Watson ,is it you ?
Виктор Мануэль Рамирес Алонзо
Виктор Мануэль Рамирес Алонзо Prije 2 sati
The Vatican city won the contest and we didn't even notice!
lamme jonas
lamme jonas Prije 2 sati
The netherlands hereee
Jan Jan
Jan Jan Prije 2 sati
Eurovision is based on religion this year.
Elisa Nabiale
Elisa Nabiale Prije 2 sati
Alban Calocci
Alban Calocci Prije 2 sati
How do you spell "Masterpiece", Slovenia ? Slovenia : A-n-a S-o-k-l-i-č... Masterpiece ! 😉
harel chen
harel chen Prije 2 sati
Which eurovision song is from Norway? Monument or this ?
Nadia Shlyakova
Nadia Shlyakova Prije 2 sati
I like it
Christian R.
Christian R. Prije 2 sati
Yeah it's okay. But it does not give me that vibe of "Can I get an AMEN?" "Woot Woot" Sort of feel... Sorry Ana...
Виктор Мануэль Рамирес Алонзо
Виктор Мануэль Рамирес Алонзо Prije 2 sati
One word: WOW 🇸🇮
Aran Bey
Aran Bey Prije 2 sati
Very very strong song. I am proud of with you as I am a Turkish.
TP Channel Ατάκες
TP Channel Ατάκες Prije 2 sati
The title should be Hallelujah.
Jan Majer
Jan Majer Prije 2 sati
Can anybody stop with 2 same titles?? I think song is great. Her voice amaizing. What do you think??? Imamo da pridemo v finale Slovenci
Kenzoootje Prije 2 sati
I didn't read it well so I thought it said Ramen xDDDD
gabriel anthoine
gabriel anthoine Prije 2 sati
c est quoi cette merde?
White Shadow
White Shadow Prije 2 sati
can we just appreciate how good the song is and don't talk about how it has the same title as Austrian entry? GREAT job Ana & team, this is fire!🔥🙏
Kathrine Sorensen
Kathrine Sorensen Prije 2 sati
This doesn't immediately scream eurovision winner, but I will definitely have it on repeat on my phone!
Eurovision fan
Eurovision fan Prije 2 sati
MarKo Cankovic
MarKo Cankovic Prije 2 sati
This Year ESC will have 2 sides... the Demon and the Angel side.. I mean, we have till now 2x "Amen" , Omaga, Fallen Angel, El Diablo, Dark Side, Karma.. cmon 😂
Arkyoptrix Prije 2 sati
What about Youddiph (Russia 1994)? Her red tomato dress is unforgettable.
Maja Kovačević
Maja Kovačević Prije 2 sati
most views on esc channel so far👏👏
Jan Lewrén
Jan Lewrén Prije 2 sati
Have listening to this beautiful song now for over 11years..still give me goosebumps 😍 and Sandras voice is 👍🥰
Sandra Prije 2 sati
O.o Her voice... It´s so so beautiful. Brilliant performance. Good luck from Spain, Slovenia. Ana, you are fucking amazing.
Soccer Playa
Soccer Playa Prije 2 sati
I can’t tell you how much I adore this song already
Sunriseheaven 69
Sunriseheaven 69 Prije 2 sati
gut viel Glück
Magdalina Kochneva
Magdalina Kochneva Prije 2 sati
Какая же лёгкая и милая песня😻
Bebero Prije 2 sati
Mnogo bolje od dosadne VODE
Modestas Kaulinis
Modestas Kaulinis Prije 2 sati
I think it's gonna be "amen" to her performance in Eurovision this year 😂
Росен Гатов
Росен Гатов Prije 2 sati
Good vocals but boring :/
Tina M.
Tina M. Prije 2 sati
Just wow! It's been a long time, Eurovision didnt offer such a great song :)
Christian Hädrich
Christian Hädrich Prije 2 sati
Klasse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😊
1996ImCrazy Prije 2 sati
Doesn't it seem a bit off with lyrics? It's kinda wordy
Alain Karas
Alain Karas Prije 2 sati
Beautiful song, too bad i can't understand half of it and I'm a fluent native and English speaker
Riccardo Rota
Riccardo Rota Prije 2 sati
That's impossibile! Two songs with the same title! Georgia should not use the same title used by Malta, "warrior" is already taken. Ahahah.
Elnur Mammadli
Elnur Mammadli Prije 2 sati
She has a beautiful voice She is in my top ten so far Good luck from Sweden to Slovenia
Bettina Diekmann
Bettina Diekmann Prije 2 sati
Da bekommt man richtig gute Laune
RossBg Prije 2 sati
actually have heard this song by accident and has turned out to be one of the best things. Kinda happy and sad at the same time cause they just don’t make music like this anymore on eurovision. We speak here now about real quality.
Manuelita Guido
Manuelita Guido Prije 2 sati
Is my phone slow or does the video (meaning the singer saying the lyrics) seem kinda slow compared to what I’m hearing? Also I dig the song!!! So beautiful
Yoongi's Doormat
Yoongi's Doormat Prije 2 sati
Norway you have my vote this year! Lots of love from Greece!
Nintendogamer1982 ,
Nintendogamer1982 , Prije 2 sati
Ich finde das Lied furchtbar
Billie Nachname
Billie Nachname Prije 2 sati
Neno Tarabaric
Neno Tarabaric Prije 2 sati
Sorry , but so boring 👎🤦🏻‍♂️
Magdalina Kochneva
Magdalina Kochneva Prije 2 sati
Всего пара слов - это шикарно💖
Kirsty Prije 2 sati
Not a fan unfortunately :(. I like her voice though, but the song is just,, not my thing - it's pretty good, but not the sorta stuff I'm into.
yunus Prije 2 sati
like it!!!!
Eurovision Belgium
Eurovision Belgium Prije 2 sati
Someone an idea of when this is on spotify???
Dave The Rave
Dave The Rave Prije 2 sati
This is such a downgrade compared to last year :/ (IN MY OPINION)
Sub Zero
Sub Zero Prije 2 sati
Der Song macht echt Laune und gerade solche Songs wie damals Stefan Raab sind erfolgreich. Sicherlich erkennen sich viele deutsche gerade in der Pandemie persönlich in dem Song. Egoistisch, Stur und Aggressiv.
Merve Prije 2 sati
1. Turumu bitirdim sayılır, tekrardan başa döncem 😂😀
rosrebel Prije 2 sati
What a beautiful woman
Sercan güler
Sercan güler Prije 2 sati
Amazing voice, a boring ballad. Her talent is wasted 🤷🏻‍♂️
Ema Bago
Ema Bago Prije 2 sati
Sooo...... my top 3: 1.Ukraine 2. France 3. Israel Of course, Croatia is my favoriteee!!! Love the song 🎵🎵🗣👁💜💜.... and also I am from Croatia, so I can just hope that she is someone's top 3 😊😊
Олег Георгиевич
Олег Георгиевич Prije 2 sati
Racheli Prije 2 sati
Her vocal abilities are just insane!!!
Angel Montero
Angel Montero Prije 2 sati
Yidian Xu
Yidian Xu Prije 2 sati
Kevin De Groote
Kevin De Groote Prije 2 sati
Much better then last year but this won't do anything special
Fred140677 Prije 2 sati
This song allows Ana to showcase even more her talent as a killer singer. Wow, congratulations, you have elevated last year's offer and have come with a song that serves!! It has potential to be powerful and impactful on stage, I know Ana is a super talented singer and she will give impressive vocals that will be a show stopper.
Andrea Kernel
Andrea Kernel Prije 2 sati
Voda's revamped version is better imo but it still not a bad entry i just expected more variations in the instrumental part but still a fine song ;)